Flitter is a fairly timid, but relaxed and sweet girl who moved into Canterlot in the fall of 2013 from Cloudsdale.  She can usually be identified by her light green hair, or by the pink bow that she always wears in it. She's currently a sophomore at Canterlot High.

Slow StartsEdit

After moving to Canterlot a few days after her best friend Cloudchaser had, Flitter found herself in a bit of an uncomfortable spot because she hardly knew anyone at the new school.  Being such close friends with Cloudchaser led to Flitter moving in with her best friend in a house at the top of Canterlot's big sledding hill.  For a while, she didn't really get out much, but she eventually met Cloudchaser's boyfriend; Drysteel, along with some of her best friend's soccer teammates.  Though she hasn't talked to them very much, Flitter does know the likes of Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, and Scootaloo.  Outside of her best friend's teammates, she did manage to meet Rainy Paradise during the school's spring break, starting a currently small friendship there.

Human Flitter

Flitter with her typical dress and identifiable pink bow.


Dragonflies, EverywhereEdit

Flitter has a slight obsession with dragonflies, seeing as three of them can always be found on her dress.  If you didn't tell her otherwise, she'd find a way to fly with them, or like one.  She knows it won't happen though, so instead, she finds ways to put them everywhere, including on the wall of the bedroom that she shares with Cloudchaser, even mentioning them in her GameStation Network username.  If you were to ask her why, she wouldn't be able to give more of a reason than "because why not?"